ALL of My Favorite Leggings

Let me fill you in on a little secret. I was late to the leggings game… and I didn’t even like them for the first few months I wore them. Mostly because fashion perplexes me, I will always choose comfort over looks, and I just hadn’t found what worked for me.

Why did I even wear leggings in the first place, if I didn’t like them?

The answer to that is, necessity. After learning the hard way that I should NOT walk around barefoot outside during a hurricane…. in 2018 Hurricane Florence gave me the boot! When the weather became colder, the only pants I could wear with the Aircast boot were, you guessed it, leggings.

(Notice in the below middle image I didn’t truly learn my lesson for Hurricane Michael – which was actually a Tropical Storm when it hit us in October of 2018… although I can’t say I wore shoes during Hurricanes Dorian or Isaias either).

You can see the video and story of Hurricane Florence on my Topsail community website, RCI+Topsail, along with tips for hurricanes if you find yourself in need of those!

So, What made me change my mind about Leggings?

The first leggings I wore when I had the boot on were comfy, but I couldn’t wait to get rid of them.

  1. They didn’t have any pockets. Who wants to wear pants without pockets? Not this girl.
  2. They were somewhat comfortable, but it wasn’t to the level that people are always saying how they love to live in leggings. Ummm not these.
  3. I couldn’t figure out the weight of the fabric. Either I was too hot, or too cold.

I tried at least 5 pairs of leggings in November and December of 2018. When the boot came off though, I was happy to part ways with both it and the leggings!

Fast Forward…

In April of 2019, four months later, I had stomach surgery at UNC. Because of the pain and the swelling in my abdomen, I found that compression really helped with the pain during the long recovery process. And off I went in search of better leggings!

My Favorite Leggings

After trying DOZENS of pairs… this list is what worked best for me!

What I’ve found is that I prefer a high waist with pockets. Also, I’m more fond of ones with a higher percentage of spandex (which actually surprised me). I’m looking for leggings that I put on and am comfortable in any activity (or lounging).

And if the leggings do not have pockets, they are not for me!

my favorite leggings

My overall favorite leggings are 90 Degree by Reflex Women’s Power Yoga Pants (high waist, with pockets).

As a photographer, I use my phone’s camera all the time (these days more and more in lieu of my DSLR Camera). Hiking through Alaska, Seattle, and the Berkshires (Massachusetts) I have found having this side pocket to be invaluable; easily taking the phone in and out, and at the same time I wasn’t afraid of it falling out due to the spandex leggings.

Favorite Capri Leggings

Favorite Fleece Leggings

Favorite Overall Leggings

There are so many leggings out there, be sure you’re ordering the ones with pockets (even if it’s under one of the links above, different colors may end up being different products).

Honorable Mentions

I have to give an honorable mention to the Baleaf Women’s Fleece Lined Winter Leggings. These are seriously warm! While I am short, I have long legs for my height (5’4) and these didn’t work for me. I’d probably have to size up twice to be comfortable in them… but I’m considering trying it out because SO WARM. And Pockets! Warmer than the fleece leggings I listed above for sure.

The other honorable mention goes to the ODODOS Women’s High Waisted Yoga Leggings with Pocket. These are great for the gym or exercising! The material is thicker and you won’t need to worry about the fabric splitting. The reason I didn’t list it as a favorite is that I wouldn’t wear them unless it was to exercise, they aren’t really a lounge / wear these leggings all day kind of pant (in my opinion).

Have you tried any of these leggings? Comment below with your favorites!

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