Clear Toiletry Bag for Travel

When I went looking for a clear toiletry bag, I was only looking for one… however I’m now thankful it was a 3 piece set. First of all, the bags store flat but expand to be able to put way more than I thought I could in them. Plus, this rose gold color is so pretty!

pretty rose gold clear transparent bag for travel
On a photography note: I took this image with my iPhone 11 Pro in Portrait Mode and edited with the Paris preset from the Wanderlust Collection from The Luxe Lens.

I’ve used these clear bags for both domestic and international travel; in a carry on suitcase and checked baggage… and they’ve been fabulous.

They clean out super easily (which is something I often look for when I’m reading reviews). Plus on the several occasions where I’ve had liquids spilled in them, the liquid was contained to just the bag and didn’t leak into the rest of my suitcase (although the product description claims it is not leak proof).

Having multiple clear bags has also helped packing in advance for various trips. And last year when I was traveling back and forth to the hospital at UNC, transparent bags came in super handy for things other than liquids. I’m not someone who is good at living out of a suitcase, so being able to see what was in the bags right away was helpful for that stressful time.

I should note, though, that it says TSA Approved… and there have been many reviews that said it is not. Being TSA Pre-check, I haven’t had an issue with the clear toiletry bag in my carry on, but I can’t say whether or not that would work in the main TSA screening area.

There is a 4 piece set of clear toiletry bags that is a few dollars cheaper,, but I was really partial to the rose gold color over the black – which would work perfectly for men though! The other positive to this set is the product description does claim to be waterproof. I’d love to know if anyone has bought and tried this version!

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