Hi, I’m Rachel

After shooting Canon exclusively for 20+ years, I’m now using any camera I can get my hands on, including my iPhone camera! I’m sharing with you things I learn about Photography along the way.

{Sunrises. Waterscapes. Surfing}

You’ll also find articles on this website about home staging tips for selling your house…. I’ve been shooting real estate photography since 2014 and I’ve picked up a few things along the way.

If you found me through Instagram, you’ll know I tailor my days around sunrise and sunset.

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be


Favorite Book

Streams in the desert

best snuggle buddies

My Pups

Favorite place


currently shooting

Sony & iPhone

Favorite Show

West Wing
favorite camera gear

Where this all began

At the age of 9 I built my first camera out of an oatmeal canister and using fiber photographic paper developed the black and white images manually in a darkroom.

Many cameras later, I still have a passion for photography, using any camera I can get my hands on! My focus is on coastal captures, sunrises and travel photography.

Thank you for following along with my Adventures!