Favorite Comfy Flat Loafer Shoes

Flats. Loafers. Shoes? Is it all the same word? I wouldn’t know, as I am not exactly a fan of shoes! Flip flops and sneakers are what I live in. And since I definitely do not wear heels, I’m extremely grateful to have found these flats on amazon.

favorite shoes

Hands down, these shoes are my all time favorite. Super comfortable and a price tag of $20, what could be better? Seriously the only thing wrong with them is that they do not come in enough colors. (Only 30, on last count)

These flats may not be everyone’s favorite to look at, but the running joke is that they become 100 times more attractive after you walk in them. 

How did I end up owning 5 different colors of these amazing shoes?

By reading through Amazon reviews. If you haven’t seen my other posts about being a fanatic Amazon shopper, you can start here.

But really, this is how i learned about my new favorite shoes:

Last summer I needed shoes to wear to a wedding in Alaska, and we were specifically instructed not to wear heels. And bytheway, how does one dress for an outdoor July wedding in Alaska? First I read through a few blog posts on the subject, and then I opted for a hand-me-down dress that was already in my closet. According to the blog posts, you’d need a variety of clothing and it wasn’t long before adding leggings and fleece jackets to this outfit. Plus I was less than 12 weeks into recovering from my second major stomach surgery, so buying clothing wasn’t ideal on any level.

After deciding on the dress, I typed in “comfortable flat women’s dress shoe” into the Amazon search bar. Once I was able to narrow it down a bit (I knew I wanted something gold!), that’s when I started reading the reviews. 

my favorite flat loafer in gold

The review that sold me on buying these gold flats was written by a woman who has been to Rome and had worn these shoes on the cobblestone streets. They were so comfortable, she said, she came home and bought several more pairs in other colors. Having spent time in Italy, I am familiar with those cobblestone streets, and I knew these were the shoes for me!

The result? They worked perfectly and quickly became my favorite shoes. Super comfortable, no break in time required. I walked all over a cruise ship and multiple places in Alaska in these shoes… so I came home and bought another pair in a reddish pink and lime green on Amazon Prime Day 2019.

trying to decide which color I should wear
Trying to decide which color I should wear…

Once fall arrived, I decided I needed them in blue and tan too! And if COVID hadn’t kept me home for the last 6 months, I’m sure I’d have more colors by now 😉

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