When Should You Buy Brand New Camera Gear?

Almost the only time I’ve actually purchased new lenses is when they are brand new to market and there are no used ones available. For example, when the Canon 16-35mm 2.8 III version came out, I purchased it brand new. If you’ve seen anything I’ve ever written about this lens, it is my workhorse, and is worth every penny. Of course, I did rent it first to make sure I wanted to make the investment in this lens… and it has been well worth it! This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t buy brand new cameras and lenses, but there’s only certain times you may need to purchase new.

3 Reasons to Rent Camera Lenses - Rachel Carter Images

Camera lenses I’ve bought brand new:

(When you click on the links for the lenses above, it will take you to a product page where I regularly update the images I’ve taken with these lenses).

When should you buy a brand new camera body?

I’ve been shooting Canon since the late 1990’s, film included! My film SLR camera was a Canon, and when the digital point and shoots came out, I had a few Canon Digital Elphs. Even as I write this, I smile, because I have such fond memories of these cameras. Especially my first Elph. I used it all over Italy while I was living there, and I still cherish the photos I have been able to find that were taken with this small automatic camera.

All that to say, when I’ve purchased my Canon cameras, they have been brand new. I know I’ll be using them for work, and they will have a high shutter count by the time I’m done with them, so I find that buying new camera bodies works best for me. However, I recently bought a used camera body and I’ll explain that more about in another post.

Camera bodies I’ve bought brand new:

Images I’ve captured on the Canon 6D

Images I’ve captured on the Canon 5D Mark IV

When Should I Buy Brand New Cameras & Lenses?

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