5 Benefits of Using Presets for Intermediate Lightroom Users

As an intermediate Lightroom user, you’re already familiar with the basics of photo editing. However, using presets can elevate your workflow and creativity to new heights. 

Here are five benefits of incorporating presets into your editing routine:

1. Consistency Across Edits

Presets help maintain a consistent look and feel across your photos, which is essential for building a cohesive portfolio. 

By applying the same pre-set configuration to multiple images, you ensure uniformity in tone, contrast, and color, creating a recognizable style that sets your work apart.

2. Time Efficiency

Editing each photo from scratch can be time-consuming. 

Using pre-set edits streamline your workflow by allowing you to apply a set of adjustments with one click. 

This efficiency is especially beneficial when editing large batches of photos, such as from a photoshoot or event.

For lots of similar images (subject, light, etc), I tend to sync the edits after I’ve tweaked the first one in the group.

3. Creative Exploration

Presets serve as a springboard for creativity, enabling you to explore different styles and effects quickly. 

They can introduce you to new editing techniques and inspire you to experiment with adjustments you might not have considered, broadening your creative horizons.

I’ve gotten so much inspiration by playing with other photographers’ presets!

4. Learning Opportunities

Analyzing the settings within presets can provide valuable insights into advanced editing techniques. 

By understanding how specific adjustments affect your photos, you can reverse-engineer the presets to enhance your skills and apply similar techniques manually.

5. Customizability

While presets provide a great starting point, they are fully customizable. 

You can tweak and adjust settings to better suit individual photos, ensuring that each image retains its unique qualities while benefiting from the presets enhancements. 

This flexibility allows for personal expression and fine-tuning.

Incorporating presets into your Lightroom editing process can significantly enhance your efficiency, creativity, and consistency. 

They offer a valuable tool for intermediate users looking to streamline their workflow while maintaining a cohesive and professional style. Explore different presets, experiment with adjustments, and watch your photography evolve.

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Arancia Lightroom Preset by Rachel Carter Images

arancia lightroom preset

This preset works on both desktop and mobile versions of Adobe Lightroom. While it was designed for blue hour images, I can’t wait to see where your creativity takes you!

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