How to Edit Product Photos Using Your Phone

Are you someone who does not consider yourself a photographer, but need to improve your product photos? This 3 minute read was made for you! I’ll walk through a photo I took with my iPhone of camera lenses , and then show you how I edited the product photo in 8 steps.

A Note about mobile apps

It’s 2020, and there are an overwhelming amount of editing apps for mobile devices.

Just yesterday I received an email with the subject line “The 17 Best Editing Apps” … 17 best?!?! Seriously?

While there are lots of great apps to edit product photos, and I’ve tried several because I enjoy playing with anything photography related, my go to, however, is always Adobe Lightroom. Not only for the organization (which is incredible, by the way) but because it’s my comfort zone and with the Creative Cloud subscription it syncs to my computer where I prefer to edit in bulk.

The most common questions I get on Adobe Lightroom:

  • What is Adobe Lightroom?
  • How can I organize my photos in Lightroom?
  • What is the Creative Cloud subscription?

Read the answers here: Lightroom: Getting Started with Your Digital Darkroom


simple editing is all that you usually need

I took this photo of my Canon DSLR Camera with 3 Prime Lenses with my iPhone 11 Pro in Portrait mode.

After uploading into Lightroom Mobile, I did these 8 simple steps:

  1. Increased the exposure to +0.17
  2. Increased the contrast to +22
  3. Increased the highlights to +7
  4. Increased the shadows to +16
  5. Increased the whites to +48
  6. Cooled down the temp to -4 and changed the tint to -1
  7. Increased the vibrance to +12
  8. Desaturated the yellows only to -40
    1. When in the color mixer, I usually take the Luminance the opposite direction of the saturation, so that went to +50 here

While there are so many more tweaks that could have been made, I wanted to keep it simple here. Most of these photos stay in small sizes online, so we don’t need to overcomplicate things when we need to edit product photos.

Here are the screenshots for each set of changes for editing this photo:

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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