How to Easily Blur Backgrounds in Your iPhone Photos

Are you someone who admires those beautiful photos with dreamy, blurred backgrounds but thinks, “Oh, that’s too technical for me”? Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s your time to shine, and yes, you can do it too – right from your iPhone! Blurring the background in photos (a fancy term called ‘bokeh’) is not just for professional photographers anymore. Let’s walk through the simple steps to transform your everyday snapshots into eye-catching masterpieces.

The Art of Blurring Backgrounds with Your iPhone:

Step 1: Check Your Gear (aka your iPhone)

Before we start, let’s make sure you have the right equipment. And by that, I mean an iPhone that supports Portrait mode. This feature is available on the iPhone 7 Plus and later models. If your phone fits the bill, you’re all set to go!

Step 2: Choosing Your Star

Every photo needs a hero. Find something interesting to photograph. This could be a person, your pet, a flower, or even your favorite coffee mug. The key here is to have a clear subject that you want to stand out in your photo.

Step 3: Engaging Portrait Mode

Unlock your iPhone and open the Camera app. No rocket science here, just a simple swipe and tap. Now, swipe to the ‘Portrait’ mode. You’ll notice the camera does a bit of thinking and then, voilà, it’s ready for action.

Step 4: Framing Your Shot

Time to put on your director’s hat! Position your subject roughly 2 to 8 feet from your camera for the best effect. Make sure there’s some distance between your subject and the background – the more space, the better the blur.

Step 5: Let There Be Light (and Focus)

Good lighting is key. Make sure your subject is well-lit, but avoid harsh sunlight which can be unflattering. The camera will automatically focus on your subject, but you can tap on the screen to adjust the focus if needed. You’ll see a yellow box around your subject when it’s in focus.

Step 6: Click!

Hold your breath (not really, but it helps with the suspense) and click the shutter button. Instantly, you should see the magic happen – your subject in clear, sharp focus, with a beautifully blurred background.

Step 7: Fine-Tuning Your Masterpiece

Didn’t get it right the first time? No worries. You can adjust the blur after taking the photo. Just go to your Photos app, select the photo, and tap ‘Edit’. Here, you can adjust the depth control slider until you’re happy with the blur level. 

how to blur your background photos on iphone

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Step 8: Share and Impress

Now that you’ve captured this stunning photo, it’s time to show it off! Share it with friends and family or post it on your social media. Get ready for the “Wow, did you take this?” comments.

And there you have it! A simple, no-fuss guide to creating professional-looking photos with beautifully blurred backgrounds, all from your iPhone. So go ahead, experiment with different subjects and settings, and watch as your photos transform from ordinary to extraordinary. Happy snapping! 📸

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