Canon Mirrorless Camera List

Canon Mirrorless APS-C camera options

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DSLR vs. Mirrorless Cameras … what’s the difference?

Should you upgrade from a Canon Rebel to a Canon Mirrorless camera?

See my opinions below.


You will need an adaptor to use your EF / EF-S DSLR lenses on a mirrorless Canon camera.

Do not purchase the camera body only without an adaptor at the same time – otherwise your current DSLR lenses will not fit on your camera and you will not be able to try it out.

Mirrorless Camera Bodies

Canon M50

One review on this states: “Not bad, but not fantastic.” While this is a great price point, I don’t believe the editing will be any better than a current Canon Rebel DSLR.

See this used Canon M50 body here.

Canon R50

The only three positives for this camera are: affordable, lightweight, and easy to use. Again, I don’t think the editing on this will be enough of an upgrade to purchase this camera body.

This model only has electronic shutter so the external flash will most likely not work.

See this used Canon R50 body here.

Canon R10

Now we are cooking with gas. There’s a ton more editing flexibility with this camera!

This is still considered an option for a photographer on a budget, but a definite upgrade to the Canon Rebel DSLR. The only caveat to this one is there is no weather sealing, so if you’re going to do anything in the elements use the Rebel!

This has a mechanical shutter so you’ll still be able to use external flash on the camera body.

See this used Canon R10 body here.

Canon R7

This is the most expensive camera on the list (currently about $1400) but it truly is one to be considered for the features.

Image quality is amazing and editing will be a huge difference. Pushing the ISO above 3200 won’t be a problem for dark houses. Includes both mechanical and electronic shutter, making external flash usable.

While the price point is much higher, it’s truly affordable for the image quality. Since it was released in 2022, there aren’t a ton of used cameras for sale unfortunately.

See this NEW Canon R7 body here.

Do I recommend the above cameras?

If you’re on a budget, or already invested in the Canon lenses that fit APS-C cameras, then the above options are worth looking at, in my opinion.

If your purpose is more high end, and can afford to invest in some other cameras, I would recommend other options than the above. As a professional photographer, I would not use the above cameras in commercial work.

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