Editing Food Photos on Your Phone

Capturing the incredible food you’re eating, especially on your phone, can be tricky sometimes. There’s a few things you can do to improve the image while photographing it, and you can also enhance the images quite a bit in Lightroom mobile as well. But remember, the better your lighting and image going into the post-process editing, the better the image is coming out. Below I’ll provide the how-to on editing food photos in Lightroom on your phone.

Lighting plays a major role in capturing any image.

The light source should be shining onto your food, and not behind your food. Otherwise you won’t be highlighting the object you’re trying to show off.

About The Images

I snapped these images using the Camera app on my iPhone 11 Pro at First Watch in Wilmington, NC with the intention of showing my friend and food blogger @EatPrayLeah how to do a little editing in Lightroom. Which is actually how most of my blog posts come about, someone asks a question and I put together the answer… so I share it with you too! I also try to use images that aren’t staged and simple for you to follow along… but you can always comment below with questions!

Editing Food Photo #1

Quick Edit

For the quick edit, I used a preset from Loox called Stockholm without making any further adjustments. This is one of my favorite collections from Loox.

As you can see, the quick edit looks great. It was one click on the Stockholm preset, a second on crop and straightened a bit, and then an export out of Lightroom. I could easily have done the one click preset edit and be happy with this image for Blogging or Instagram. However, for the purposed of this tutorial, I have done an advanced edit as well.

Advanced Edit

After applying the Stockholm preset, I made the following adjustments in this order:

  1. Crop & Straighten
  2. Changed the White Balance Temperature to +5
  3. Changed the White Balance Tint to -9
  4. Increased the Shadows to +54
  5. Increased the Whites to +50
  6. Changed the Blue Saturation to -26
  7. Changed the Blue Luminance to +24

And then I exported to my phone’s Photos App (sometimes I still refer to this as Camera Roll).

Watch this video to see how I made these edits:

See more images that I used the Nordik Collection on here: One Click Edits Using Loox Presets

More images using the same edits as above:

You can click on any of the images to enlarge them!


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