One Click Edits Using Loox Presets

I thoroughly enjoy playing with Lightroom Presets that other artists have created! And for using Lightroom Mobile, I appreciate the variety that Loox Presets provides… especially if I want to edit quickly with a one click preset.

One Click Editing

While you can make tweaks after you apply a preset, Loox presets really are made for just one click editing…. which makes them perfect for non-photographers looking to enhance their product / blog / influencer images quickly.

If you’re wondering what Lightroom Presets are, jump over to this post before continuing.

click here if you want to read more on how to develop an image using Lightroom Mobile.

Loox Presets

Cyrielle from Loox Presets has over 40 collections to choose from… but don’t worry, there is a bundle if you can’t pick just one!

**Make sure you purchase from the DESKTOP collection if you’re using Lightroom Classic and Mobile; however, if you’re only using Lightroom Mobile be sure you are purchasing the MOBILE preset. There is a difference!

loox presets airy collection
The Airy Collection is one of my favorites!

my loox edits

For the purposes of this post, I did not tweak any images other than apply the preset. I took the photo with my iPhone 11 Pro while sitting at my desk in my home office. I chose 3 presets that I liked for this image, and I’ll post my favorite last!


The Oslo preset comes from the Nordik collection, and is a preset I’ve used on several flower photos! It is definitely meant for high contrast and landscape scenes, but you’ll see I used it on this selfie and I think it works great! Instant spray tan!

You can see it increased saturation, and contrast. If I had taken this photo outdoors in a beautiful landscape, this would have been an amazing edit!


Again, this is a preset meant for the outdoors! It plays with the blue hues in your photo. Maldives is from the Tropical collection, and personally I think it’s perfect for your poolside photos! What I like about the Maldives preset is it brings a more airy feel to the photo.


The Bahamas preset is also from the Tropical collection, and it’s my favorite in this collection… even though it’s hard to pick just one! The only reason I like Bahamas slightly more than the Maldives is it decreases contrast in the image.

These Lightroom Mobile presets are made for just one click edits, perfect for those looking to enhance their product / blog / influencer images quickly.

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