Putting Your Bathroom in its Best Light

Staging a bathroom and getting it photo ready is not always an easy task. The bathroom serves a vital function, making it one of the most important parts of any home, but the space itself is often less than glamorous.

If you want to put the bathroom in its best light, you need to go above and beyond. 

Here are 6 tips to get your bathroom photo ready:

1. Add Light & Use Angles

If your bathroom is less than spacious, there are tricks to making it look larger in photos. The right angles can enhance the spaciousness of the room, while additional light can make the room look airier and more inviting.

You do not want to go overboard with this trick, of course. If they love your pictures, would-be buyers will be visiting the room in person, and overstating the spaciousness of the room could end up backfiring.

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2. Hide All The Toiletries

Home shoppers do not care what brand of shampoo you use or what type of hand cream you prefer. Before photos are taken, be sure to clear off the sink and counter.

Keep those toiletries and other bathroom essentials hidden until the pictures are taken. When you put them back, arrange them in baskets and decorative boxes – this arrangement will make the space look more appealing when hosting open houses and private showings.

3. Clean and Polish Mirrors and Other Surfaces

If you want your finished photographs to sparkle, you need to polish mirrors, glass and other surfaces to a high shine. So grab your glass cleaners and other supplies and make sure everything is as clean as can be.

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4. Put Out Your Best Towels

Old towels or poorly arranged linens will ruin your photographs, so put out your best towels and make sure they are centered on the towel rack. You want your bathroom to look fresh, clean and carefully staged.

5. Make Sure The Toilet Seat is Down

We all know your bathroom contains a toilet, but no one wants to be reminded of this essential piece of furniture. Make sure the toilet itself is clean, tidy and polished, with nothing on the back of the tank. Also make sure the toilet seat is down before you take the photos.

6. Add a Potted Plant or Vase of Flowers

The bathroom can be pretty boring, so brighten up the space with a potted plant or a beautiful bouquet of flowers. This finishing touch can make the bathroom look more inviting – and make the finished photographs pop.

Be cognizant of the color scheme when choosing your plants and flowers. A bouquet featuring contrasting colors will make the photographs look even better, creating beauty and drama and hopefully drawing the eye of would-be buyers.

Putting Your Bathroom in its Best Light

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of any home, and you want the space to look its best. The right photos can put your bathroom in the best possible light, so would-be buyers will be clamoring for a showing or flocking to your next open house.

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