Home Staging: Get Your Listing Photo Ready

The importance of home staging cannot be overstated, but taking professional quality photographs could be even more important. In the internet age, most home shoppers look online first, and they rely on the photo spreads to evaluate each listing and whittle down the list of properties.

If potential buyers do not like what they see, chances are they will never attend an open house or request a private showing. Since the photos you take will create that all-important first impression, you cannot afford to ignore this powerful opportunity. By staging each room in your home, you can put the space in its best light.

Below you will find 5 amazing articles on staging your house to get it photo & showing ready:
how to stage a bathroom that sells

1. Bathroom Staging Tips

Staging a bathroom and getting it photo ready is not always an easy task. The bathroom serves a vital function, making it one of the most important parts of any home, but the space itself is often less than glamorous. If you want to put the bathroom in its best light, you need to go above and beyond. Here are 6 tips to get your bathroom photo ready.

home staging on a dime

2. Home Staging on a Dime

Christy Teachey, is a professional home stager and military spouse that has moved more times than anyone can count! Her eye for detail is incredible, and I have enjoyed every project we have tackled together! In this article she shared her tips on a home she staged on a budget before I went in and took photos for the MLS listing.

staging your kitchen to sell your home fast

3. Kitchen Staging Tips

Let’s face it. A knockout kitchen can make or break a sale. It’s essential that your kitchen make a great impression on potential buyers right away. While you do not need to invest in remodeling, you can use these 8 tips to increase your kitchen’s appeal.

4. Home Staging: Beyond the Basics

You may think you know how to prepare your home for sale. You know all about:

  • painting the walls in neutral colors,
  • trimming the shrubs,
  • removing the clutter, and
  • cleaning until you’re exhausted.

You know you need to remove the family photos. Maybe you’ve done all these things and priced your house attractively, but it’s still not selling. 

If so, you may be missing some fine points. Consider these strategies

5. Profitable Tips for Home Staging

This article provides an in-depth look at how to tackle each room before preparing for listing photos. From cleaning, to de-cluttering, to painting, to fixing, these lists give you several ideas to get your house ready to sell!

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