NiceEbag Toiletry 3pcs Clear Travel Bag Set


I’ve used these clear bags for both domestic and international travel; in a carry on suitcase and checked baggage… and they’ve been fabulous.

See my full review + more photos of my favorite Clear Toiletry Bag For Travel here.

They clean out super easily (which is something I often look for when I’m reading reviews). Plus on the several occasions where I’ve had liquids spilled in them, the liquid was contained to just the bag and didn’t leak into the rest of my suitcase (although the product description claims it is not leak proof).

I should note, though, that it says TSA Approved… and there have been many reviews that said it is not. Being TSA Pre-check, I haven’t had an issue with the clear toiletry bag in my carry on, but I can’t say whether or not that would work in the main TSA screening area.



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