Topsail Photo Studio

Today I photographed a new commercial space in Holly Ridge: Topsail Photo Studio! This 900 square foot commercial studio is open to the public and can be rented by the hour. Perfect for photographers who want to rent studio space for photography sessions, but do not want the responsibility of owning a studio!

It’s quite an extensive list of what’s included at Topsail Photo Studio…

  • Multiple lighting options from strobe lighting and soft boxes, to backdrops, to floor drops… basically everything except a camera!
  • There’s a dressing room complete with a hair dryer, and access to a bathroom. If you’ve done several hours of shooting for sessions before, you’ll really appreciate having access to an indoor bathroom!

Studio Lighting Options

To be honest, I couldn’t have even counted the number of lights available for use at Topsail Photo Studio, including a large “window light” to imitate natural sunlight. There are also large bounce cards on wheels, and an 8′ x 8′ scrim light modifier (also on wheels).

Backdrops Available

Plenty of backdrop stands are available if you’d like to bring your own backdrops, but you can also choose from:

  • 5 colors in the 107″ backdrops
  • 6 colors in the 53″ backdrops
  • 2 floor drops

If you want to learn studio photography, this is a great opportunity that is open to the public for rent. In the future, you may see classes on off camera flash, lighting, etc being hosted at Topsail Photo Studio. What a wonderful addition to the greater Topsail, North Carolina area!


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