Miroco Electric Milk Steamer


In mid-March, as we were sent home from the office due to the coronavirus pandemic, the first thing I did was order a milk frother. My thought was, well if I’m going to be home for 6-8 weeks I’m going to need to make my own lattes! And at a price of $40, I thought the Miroco Electric Steamer was well worth it!

It’s thin, a simple but pretty white design, and looks good on the counter. Easy to clean (I always check the reviews for that!), but it is not dishwasher safe. There are 4 functions, but it’s not temperature adjustable.

I use Fairlife Whole Milk which is ultra pasteurized and does not contain lactose, and it worked great. My recommendation for this is for someone who is usually only making one coffee at a time, or you don’t want to spend more than $40 on a milk frother. Big plus here is that it really is silent and takes no time to heat your milk.

Coffee is a big necessity for me in the morning, but it goes a lot better if I add milk to dilute the acid. After a dozen GI procedures and two major stomach surgeries, I probably should cut coffee out but my willpower just isn’t that strong!


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