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  • Jo Totes Gracie Camera Bag - Mint

    Jo Totes Gracie Camera Bag

    The camera bag I use most often (especially for local real estate shoots) is the Gracie by Jo Totes. It’s $119 on Amazon and perfect for my camera body, lens, and flash. This is definitely my go-to bag, and it’s held up well for several years. I’d absolutely buy another camera bag from Jo Totes. I can…

  • pretty rose gold clear bag for travel

    NiceEbag Toiletry 3pcs Clear Travel Bag Set

    I’ve used these clear bags for both domestic and international travel; in a carry on suitcase and checked baggage… and they’ve been fabulous. See my full review + more photos of my favorite Clear Toiletry Bag For Travel here. They clean out super easily (which is something I often look for when I’m reading reviews)….