For years I’ve chased sunrises… and I love to be out there before the crack of dawn.

There’s nothing that compares to being surrounded by peace and quiet, watching the dawn of a new day. I haven’t found sunsets to be quite so peaceful, but they are absolutely magical in a different way. Sunsets are different in that tend to be shared with others, while sunrises I often find myself alone with my camera and coffee. And living on the East Coast, I have chased hundreds of more sunrises than sunsets.

A Topsail Island Sunrise

Serenity. Tranquility. Peace.

I’ve added several resources on how to photograph & edit sunrise images.

Sunrise Photo Tips Using Any Camera - Rachel Carter Images

Do you enjoy watching the sun rise, and want to enhance your photos? Here you’ll find a list of tips that will work for any camera, after all, the best camera is the one you have on you!

camera settings for sunrise images

Camera Settings for Sunrise Images

Here you’ll find the camera & lens I used, along with the capture time and settings for each image.

Download this Free Dramatic Sky Sunset Lightroom Preset - Rachel Carter Images

Want to enhance your sunrise/sunset photos with a one-click Lightroom Preset? Click here to receive my free preset that can be used with both desktop & mobile versions of Lightroom.

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