South Africa

In July of 2023, my friend Erin Henderson and I traveled to South Africa on a personalized safari, and experienced an incredible photography adventure.

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Flyga Twiga

Erin was living in South Korea and met Amy Millican, owner of Flyga Twiga, a personal safari service when she interviewed her for an article in a magazine. Once Erin learned more about Flyga Twiga, she sent me the link and within minutes we were trying to find dates to make a trip happen!

As this was my first trip to South Africa, I had so many questions! Amy answered them all so patiently and it was obvious her passion for the African continent. She constantly put me at ease and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a trip before!

Amy hosted multiple video calls prior to the trip at convenient times regardless of what time zone I was in [while on other trips]. She was super quick & thorough in all of her responses, including what we would need and why, plus things we may encounter.

We had a lot of questions regarding our photography gear and she made sure we’d have plenty of room in the truck for it, which put us at ease!

favorite camera gear for photography

Because I was flying into South Africa from the U.S. and meeting Erin there who was flying in from South Korea, Amy also suggested flight times and reviewed flights for us – the 3 different time zones got a little confusing!

South Africa

I’ve never learned so much on one trip before.

Green Trax, the K9 Anti-Poaching unit, was absolutely fascinating! A month before our trip Erin thought of asking for a helicopter ride over the game reserves, Kruger National Park, and Blyde River Canyon. Amy had it arranged within a day, seemingly effortless for us!

In the 9 days we were in South Africa, we got to experience such a variety of things. From the anti-poaching unit, scenic views of the canyon, a helicopter ride, the Apartheid Museum, Soweto, Johannesburg, safari, all the animals, and a local village, I was truly stunned at the itinerary created by Flyga Twiga.

The mountains and gorge were so cool–the abundance of scenery South Africa has to offer is so cool. Of course, the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg was eye opening and an incredible experience.

All of the safari lodges were in tune with diet limitations and took them seriously… but the food (especially at our tented lodge) was so flavorful and absolutely delicious. My favorite was probably the braai, which is typically described as a South African barbecue.

Our safari experience was absolutely magical, my favorite was being surrounded by a herd of elephants.

Sunsets in the African bush were indescribable. If I was a better writer, I’m sure I could do it more justice, but hopefully my photos can speak for me on this.

Happy Accidents

If you travel often, you know that inevitably something goes wrong. On our trip to South Africa, Amy was all over the itinerary and never far from communication. From our experience with her leading up to the trip, we were never concerned – and in fact – a hiccup turned into the best accident under her watch.

Future Trips

Truly, for the variety/amount of activities, this trip was coordinated fabulously. I can’t wait to go back to Africa on a trip that Flyga Twiga arranges! I’ll be including more helicopter rides over that kind of scenery as well…. Absolutely incredible.

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