Questions to consider when upgrading your camera from a phone

Before purchasing a camera, consider the following:

  • What are my goals with photography over the next 2 years?
    • What type of photography do I enjoy? (portrait, landscape, sports, wildlife, etc)
    • Do I want to shoot video?
    • What photography and/or videography skills do I want to improve?
  • Can I grow with what I’m purchasing?
    • It becomes more difficult to switch camera systems when you have invested into lenses that won’t fit on another camera.
  • Are interchangeable lenses necessary to meet my goals?
  • Would a DSLR be suitable or do I need to look at mirrorless cameras?
  • Can I sell the set up if I don’t like it?
    • Check the used market before purchasing
  • Can I use third party lenses to bring the price down?

Pros and Cons to buying a Canon, Fuji, and Sony camera

Why buy a Canon Camera

  • Warmer colors straight out of camera
  • Great skin tones
  • Preset modes for beginners
  • Quality lenses
  • Camera bodies are built like a tank

Why I left Canon

  • Large and bulky equipment
  • Late to the mirrorless game
  • Lack of a second hand market (used equipment) – specific to mirrorless
  • Discontinued ability for a third party lens (I believe you can now with an adapter – which adds more bulk to the camera but this wasn’t the case before I switched systems)

Who should consider a FujiFILM

  • If you love colors and/or film simulation
  • Shooting landscape or not fast moving objects

The running joke about Fujifilm cameras is that their shooters only use one lens…. and it’s pretty true. But I certainly love my Fuji cameras and have the medium format on my list to rent one day.



The above images were taken with my Fuji X-T3 camera.

Why Sony?

  • Smaller, more lightweight
  • So many options in the previously owned market
  • More options due to length of time in the mirrorless space
  • Allows third party lenses on a camera body
  • You can grow with Sony as you advance

Considerations when buying a Sony:

  • In my mind, Sony isn’t as beginner friendly as Canon is
    • This is good and bad. It forces you to learn instead of using a preset mode that Canon provides
  • Sony images look best when edited in my opinion, if you’re not big on editing this may not be the best fit for you.

Why is Nikon not on this list?

  • Out of all the cameras I’ve tried, I could never connect to a Nikon and therefore I’m not making any recommendations on it.

Technical advice

There’s a ton of technical sites and YouTubers that will tell you all kinds of things, but I’m not here to give technical advice. These are my thoughts after 20+ years of shooting photography and trying all kinds of new equipment.

For more technical insight, here are some sites to check out:

Read more about upgrading your camera from your phone here:

As always, I’m happy to help with any questions you have!

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  1. It’s been a long time Rachel. Love how your experience and passion for photography has translated into what you’re providing for the community. I appreciate your recommendations with all of the major brands available, this is a great source for those that are just starting and have questions about it. Thank you, Rachel for your willingness to teach and share with others!!

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