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Whether you’re an aspiring photographer, looking for inspiration, or just want to see beautiful images in your social media feed, these thirteen photographers produce images that are sure to make you pause and delight in the beauty of this world.

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Before I list these awesome photographers, I want to take a quick moment to mention why I believe regularly seeing the beauty of this world is so important:

Beauty Interrupts

Originally, I geared this post towards photographers, those who love to look at beautiful landscape photos and those looking to learn and be inspired in their own photography journey. After I started typing, though, I started thinking about those of us who need beautiful images to interrupt our Facebook & Instagram feeds. I don’t know about you, but social media can really wear on me and I often need to take breaks from scrolling. Most of us could probably use an interruption of beauty in our feeds, not just photographers!

This is one reason I love following a hashtag, or clicking on a hashtag to scroll through (try #raw_ireland) and, wow, is it a night and day experience from my normal Facebook & Instagram feeds. While I love following friends and people I admire or enjoy, sometimes I need to just get out of my head and view these gorgeously captured scenes around our world.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdown, I read a book by Jennie Allen called “Get Out of Your Head“; and in it she writes about how & why we need beauty to interrupt us:

 “Beauty interrupts us, it awakens us, it undoes us, it cuts us open, and restarts our hearts. Beauty is God’s evidence of something far more wonderful coming, a world beyond the one we can imagine, even in the most spectacular moments here. A God better than what we hope for. A God who blows our minds.” …..

  “Good things happen when we train our attention on that which is beautiful, on that which is authentic and compelling and good. What’s more, beyond the obvious emotional experience, those good things from the hand of God can point us to the One who creates beauty, who is beautiful. Cynicism puts our minds on things of this earth, and we lose hope. Beauty points our gaze toward the heavens and reminds us of hope. Cynicism crumbles in the presence of beauty.

Jennie Allen, “Get Out Of Your Head”

Since we are sharing Instagram accounts for this post, you can find Jennie’s here.

And here they are!!

13 Amazing Landscape Photographers you should follow:

The photographers below range from full-time & part-time professionals to photography enthusiasts. They come from all over the world and many have traveled extensively. What they all have in common is producing quality, timeless and beautiful images that they share with us regularly on Instagram.

While I’ve included links back to their Facebook accounts, many of these photographers primarily use Instagram. At the bottom of this post you’ll find a link for a wonderful Facebook group that thousands of photographers use to share their landscape photography.

Don’t see your favorite landscape photographer(s) below? Comment with their name and Instagram links so we can check them out!

1. Ty Sheers

I have been following Ty for the better part of a decade, and his images do not disappoint! His style is so unique to him that you can tell it’s his work right away. He’s based in Australia, but has traveled to a variety of places and showcases that work on his Facebook and Instagram.

My favorites are his long exposures and aerial images. Simply stunning!

Ty’s website:

2. Erik McRitchie

You know, I can’t tell you how I stumbled upon Erik’s work… but I know I’ve been following it for a while. Somehow I found his Facebook page ages ago and I’ve been drooling over the images since. Facebook knows me so well that it usually highlights Erik’s page in my feed.

I’ve always wanted to visit Banff National Park, and Erik posts a lot of images from there… but his textures and use of light are incredible. He’s based in Canada, so you’ll find many snow and mountain scenes.

3. José Ramos

I first learned about José Ramos on a blog post by back around 2014. (I did see he has a copy of the post on his website, if you’re curious.)

José’s long exposure images are seriously magical. He is based in Portugal but travels internationally. José has received numerous awards for his photography and has been published in National Geographic magazine.

You just have to check out his work on Instagram. It speaks for itself!

View this post on Instagram

“Communion” | Azenhas do Mar Village, Sintra (Portugal) |  And just as soon as you open your window, your eyes merge with the Gods, and the endless power of the sea becomes part of you. Such immense intelligence, of those who choose to live in these places. . History: . This is a place I deeply love, located at 30 minutes distance from Lisbon. I usually call it our “Portuguese Cinque Terre”, and it’s always a pleasure to visit it and witness the thundering sea clashing against the rocks below the village. . I had published a photo from this place a few years ago, but was far from being happy with its sharpness and high resolution quality, so I’ve been waiting for long to re-shoot this location during blue hour, my favourite time for this location. . Technical info: Sony a7R | Venus Laowa 15mm f2.0 | Exposure: 30 seconds | Aperture: f11 | ISO: 100 | FLM Tripod | Wireless remote shutter . . . . . . . . . #portugal_lovers #portugal_photos #portugal_vision #portugaltourism #visitportugal #sintra #visitsintra #yourshotphotographer #ipa_shotz #natgeoyourshot #landscapephotography #landscape_lover #traveldestination #landscapehunter #azenhasdomar #tufotonatgeo #longexposure_shots #amazing_longexpo  #longexposure #ig_shotz_le #longexpoelite  #longexposhots #longexposureshots #longexposures  #longexposure_world #longexposure_photos #longexposure_shotz #landscape_love #portugal #bealpha

A post shared by José Ramos (@joseramosphotography) on

You can find equipment & gear reviews and even more information about his workshops & photo tours on his website,, or Facebook page.

View this post on Instagram

“Dissolution of Eternity” | The Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon under fiery light, in it’s endless cadence of moving pieces of ice, teaches us lessons of impermanence and dissolution. This place is quite simply the most beautiful work of moving art I’ve ever seen in my short life. . Story: After two trips to Iceland and much waiting, finally had the chance to witness an epic sunset at Jokulsarlon, with enough time to choose from the endless possible angles and compositions. Due to the fast moving pieces of ice, doing a long exposure would be impossible. Since the ice pieces were a few meters away from the shore and I wanted to get the classic immersive look of ultra wide angle lenses, had to enter into the almost frozen water to get this image. From time to time, chunks of melted ice would meet my legs with great subtlety, making me fell like a part of the whole moving scenario. Unforgettable. . Technical details: Sony a7R + Zeiss 16-35mm f4 | Aperture: f/10 | Exposure: 1/8 seconds | ISO: 200 | Manual Focus | 3 stops ND Grad Nisi . . . . . . . . . . #jokulsarlon #icelandtravel #icelandscape #betheearth #icelandtrip #icelandnature #loves_iceland #icelandlove #iceland_photography  #earthpix  #ipa_shotz #landscape_lovers #landscapephotography  #landscape_lover #landscape_captures #landscapehunter #landscape_photography #landscapephoto #landscapecaptures #landscape_specialist  #longexposure_shots #amazing_longexpo #longexposure #longexpoelite #longexposhots #longexposureshots #longexposures #longexposureoftheday #longexpohunter  #bealpha

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4. Andrew Shoemaker

For those of you who love the islands (specifically Hawaii) and all things ocean, you will certainly enjoy Andrew’s work! He shoots everything: sunrises, sunsets, under the sea (sea turtles!), whales, palm trees – everything and anything Hawaiian! Living on Maui, he shares with us the beautiful places he gets to see daily.

I started following Andrew when someone shared one of his sea turtle images years ago, and have enjoyed visiting the tropical islands of Hawaii through him ever since!

View this post on Instagram

“Honu Road” A Honu makes it’s way to the ocean just after sunrise in Maui. I ended up spending the sunrise with a group of turtles and it was very peaceful to watch as they each, ever so slowly, made their path to the water. Hope you enjoy and Happy Aloha Friday to everyone! SHOE ©2017 Andrew Shoemaker #aloha #hik3beasthawaii #awesomepix #luckywelivehawaii #hawaiistagram #hawaii #maui #mauiphotographer #hawaiiphotographer #lethawaiihappen #hawaiiunchained #turtle #awesome_earthpix #naturalhawaii #hawaiisbestphotos #paradise #glimpseofhawaii #hnnsunrise #tourhawaii #fantastic_earth #beachesnresorts #honu #hawaiisunset #nakedhawaii #hilife #ig_oahu #aloha_outdoors #havealohawilltravel #beach #andrewshoemakerphotography

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Learn more about Andrew:

5. Albert Dros

A picture is worth a thousand words, and I started with this one because you get a great feel for Albert’s work right away. Based in the Netherlands, he has been published in several media outlets, as well as National Geographic. Not only is his Instagram and Facebook page drool-worthy, his website has a lot of great info about places he photographs and his list of gear. He does workshops and photo tours as well if you’d like to travel with him!

He also produced a beautiful time-lapse of Amsterdam that is worth checking out (the boats are my favorite part!):

View this post on Instagram

I noticed that lately a lot of (non photographer) people have been asking me about hotspots to visit in NL. As travel is limited the dutch start to appreciate their own country more. It’s something I’ve been doing for years already, so I know all about it :) check for some hotspots in the Netherlands :) . One of my favorite places are the Heather areas especially in the center of the country. They’re so peaceful and beautiful and it looks like you’re walking around in Wakanda! In August everything turns purple and you’re really walking in a fairytale. If you want the best experience, you’ll have to wake up for it really early! . #welkomteruginnl #thenetherlands #bestofthenetherlands #heather #wakandaforever #natgeoyourshot #naturephotography #naturelovers

A post shared by Albert Dros (@albertdrosphotography) on

6. Mitchell Pettigrew

Mitchell captures Australia wonderfully. His sunrises and sunsets are beautiful, but I especially enjoy his underwater photos and videos. It was really hard to choose which to share in this post. His work reflects a lot of textures and unique play with the light on the ocean. Truly gorgeous! Oh, and there are quite a few sea turtles for you to enjoy as well.

Make sure you click play for the first video – it’s so cool seeing the light reflecting off the water from the underwater perspective!

Learn more about Mitchell:

7. Hörður Kristleifsson

Another location on my list to visit is Iceland, but in the meantime I’m just going to keep drooling over Hörður’s images.

Talk about capturing unspoiled beauty and true nature… his images show the incredible depth of this part of the world.

While his aerial photographs are my favorite, I also appreciate when he uses a human subject to show how massive these land features are.

Again, it’s so hard to pick just a couple from his Instagram account and Facebook page.

8. Eric Rubens

When I see Eric’s photos, I just go ‘ahhhhhhh’!.  They are serene, and relaxing, and beautiful, and really just make you pause. He is incredibly talented!

Eric is based in Southern California but has traveled extensively and shares his images regularly on Facebook & Instagram.

You can learn more about his work on his website:

9. Alec Basanec

San Diego based photographer Alec Basanec has an exceptional eye for composition. I’ve always been drawn to reflections and he definitely makes great plays on those. It’s what I enjoy most about his work! Follow him on Instagram or Facebook.

View this post on Instagram

5am sunrise missions

A post shared by San Diego (@alec_basanec) on

View this post on Instagram

A place I thought only existed in my dreams

A post shared by San Diego (@alec_basanec) on

Instagram Only

10. Ian Merculieff

Leading up to my trip to Alaska in July of 2019, everything I read said “Alaska: The Last Frontier”, and of course I expected it to be remote, beautiful, and wild… but the beauty of Alaska exceeded my expectations (which was quite a feat)! Before leaving I had already starting thinking about my next visit. In the meantime, though, I am avidly following Ian Merculieff’s work to enjoy Alaska’s majesty.

If you like sunrises and sunsets, you’ll love Ian’s work. One thing he uniquely captures is a photo in a photo – the back of his Canon camera right after he takes the shot. I love all things Canon, and seeing the camera and the beautiful image is a double treat!

11. Felix Indrawan

For beautiful photos of Southeast Asia, follow Felix on Instagram. His incredibly long exposures create beautiful reflections and having never been to Asia I enjoy seeing it through Felix’s perspective!

Specifically for the Sunrises & Sunsets lovers:

Australia’s beauty has attracted so many photographers that we have three on this list from there! (There are so many wonderful landscape photographers out there, and some I specifically didn’t include on this list because I have another post in mind for them).

12. Ben Mulder

Ben is an incredibly talented photographer that has multiple Instagram accounts, but for this post we are focusing on his @benmuldersunsets. I also had to give him his own category because this account truly focuses on the striking colors that we see in the sky before the sun rises and after the sun sets.

He uses long exposure in some shots, but definitely not in all. If you love the orange and pink and purple skies from a beautiful sunset, with an ocean background, you definitely need to be following Ben!

Learn more about Ben:

And, oh, the Honorable Mention:

13. Chugach Peaks Photography

I couldn’t leave Joe Connolly out of this post. While they mainly photograph weddings in Alaska, the images they post of the couples in these insanely gorgeous scenes on their Instagram – well, it would really be a shame to miss these photos. From glaciers to mountains and fields in between, I highly recommend following their work!

In July of 2019, two of my dearest friends got married in Juneau, Alaska on a beach by a lake that had a glacier in the background (the location was suggested by Joe!). It was beyond stunning… and I was fortunate enough to watch Joe work! You can actually read about their wedding here (and see more of Joe’s photography).

View this post on Instagram

A little kiss in a glacier pool! #glacier

A post shared by Chugach Peaks Photography (@chugachpeaksphotography) on

Facebook Groups for Landscape Photography

If you’re more of a Facebook user than Instagram, there is a group I highly recommend you join and follow! Amazing talent can be found here:

If you didn’t see your favorite landscape photographer(s) above, then please comment with their name and Instagram links so we can check them out!

See more Landscape Photography posts here.

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