Do I recommend purchasing a Canon Rebel?

The Canon Rebel cameras are probably the most beginner, hobbyist, and budget friendly.

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Short answer

I know so many people who take beautiful photos still using a Canon Rebel EOS camera. Personally, there are photos I love from when I used these cameras!

This answer used to be easy… but now it’s much more complicated.

The above photos were all taken with the Canon T1i and Tamron 10-24mm lens

Should I buy a Canon Rebel camera?

Long Answer

There’s tons of Canon Rebel cameras  in the used market (this is a huge positive for your wallet)!

I think they’ve been around a couple decades if not longer. I was recently-ish out of college when the Canon XTi came out, and that was my first DSLR. Before that I was using the Canon Rebel film camera. (If you click the link, you’ll see it’s selling for less than $50 now).

There’s a Canon T8i (also called EOS 850D) is still selling new on Amazon and while there are rumors Canon will discontinue making new DSLR cameras I have not seen this confirmed by Canon officially.

Lens Compatibility

You know what’s incredible??? All of my Canon DSLR lenses would have fit on this mount. It’s an EF-S lens mount (and you can read more about lens mounts and compatibility here).

Canon Rebel cameras have an APS-C sensor size.

I also used the Canon T1i (selling for a whole $70 dollars on KEH) and again, same concept. All the lenses for Canon DSLRs fit.

Buying New vs Used

You can either purchase an older, used camera, and I highly recommend KEH for buying and selling used Canon and Fuji gear.

You can still purchase the Canon T7 new for about $450 and it does come with a standard kit lens, 18-55mm.

Any EF-S lens can be purchased, and you can also use Sigma or Tamron lenses that fit an EF-S mount.

The Canon Rebel is truly an amazing camera to learn on. 

It has tons of pre-set modes that you can learn from and shoot easily from Sports mode to Close Up. 

Downside to purchasing a Canon Rebel

Old technology

The Canon Rebel is old technology. While a great camera, it’s not going to bring you into the future.

  • This is not a camera you can really grow with, especially if you eventually want to jump to mirrorless. Keep in mind that as you purchase more lenses, it’s more expensive to switch in the future.
  • Canon EF-S lenses are not compatible with their mirrorless line. You’ll need an adapter, but keep in mind the DSLR lenses were not made for the continuously changing technology unlike the mirrorless cameras/lenses.

Mirrorless alternatives to Canon Rebel

The Canon R50 and R100 cameras can be considered alternatives, however I have personally not used these cameras. There is a used Canon R50 at KEH, but at the time of writing this there is only 1 left.

Consider purchasing the camera body only

Based on the type of photography you’d like to do, a kit lens may not be your best option. Also, you might buy the camera body new, but a lens used.

Don’t forget to understand lens mounts and compatibility (read here).

Be sure to know what goals you have for photography before purchasing a camera.

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Stay tuned for more in this series of upgrading your camera!

As always, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message.

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