Camera Buying Guide for Beginners

Before you invest in new camera gear, check out my practical tips in the articles below. Never will I advise purchasing photography equipment without having clear and intentional goals… and that’s a common mistake amongst beginners in photography.

7 Articles on best tips to purchase photography gear

what is the best camera for beginners

What is the Best Camera for a Beginner?

“What is the best camera for a beginner?” is a frequently asked question… and usually it’s from anyone looking who has been considering the jump from their phone camera to a DSLR or mirrorless camera. This may surprise you, but I wouldn’t necessarily rule out starting with a point and shoot digital camera either. They

sony fuji cameras

Questions to consider when upgrading your camera from a phone

Before purchasing a camera, consider the following: Pros and Cons to buying a Canon, Fuji, and Sony camera Why buy a Canon Camera Why I left Canon Who should consider a FujiFILM The running joke about Fujifilm cameras is that their shooters only use one lens…. and it’s pretty true. But I certainly love my

buying new vs used camera gear fuji x-t3 16-80mm

Buying New vs. Used Camera Gear

There are times when you need to purchase brand new camera gear, and there are times when buying used is the much better way to go. Below, I’ll share the reasons I buy brand new, reasons I buy used, and examples of both cameras and lenses I’ve purchased.  I think you’ll be surprised to learn

canon t1i rebel camera

Do I recommend purchasing a Canon Rebel?

The Canon Rebel cameras are probably the most beginner, hobbyist, and budget friendly. Short answer: I know so many people who take beautiful photos still using a Canon Rebel EOS camera. Personally, there are photos I love from when I used these cameras! This answer used to be easy… but now it’s much more complicated.

Canon Mark D IV Camera 24-70mm lens BW

Will that lens fit my Canon camera?

I love following photographers for their beautiful images on Instagram, but I also fully enjoy watching their behind-the-scenes stories for their camera set ups! And then, after seeing all the different lenses they are using, I want to try new lenses and play with them! If you’re more in the market for a specific lens

Sigma 35mm - Rent Camera Lenses - Rachel Carter Images

Why You Should Rent Camera Lenses

Expensive camera lenses do not always = Love.  These chunks of glass don’t always come cheap. Before buying, I almost always rent or try out a camera lens first. And so many times, I rent a lens, and I do not buy it. Why? It doesn’t fit with my style, or it isn’t really a

rachel carter with sony camera a7rv

Why did I leave Canon after 20+ years?

Before you get all excited, this isn’t a dramatic read… but I do think you’ll appreciate the end reason when making any choice of photography gear. Since making the switch, I have gotten the question about camera systems quite often. The difference between camera systems is a conversation I welcome!! I am not writing to

what are megapixels on a camera and does size matter?

Megapixels: What Are They and Do They Really Matter?

If you’ve ever shopped for a camera or smartphone, you’ve probably come across the term “megapixel.” But what exactly is a megapixel, and does it make a difference in your photos? Let’s break it down in simple terms. What is a Megapixel (MP)? Think of a megapixel as a tiny building block of a digital

sony 35mm 1.4 camera lens

Sony 35mm f/1.4 lens

photography tips for your family beach vacation

Photography Tips for Your Family Beach Vacation

learning to take better selfies

Learning to Take Better Selfies

understanding the magic of bokeh in photography

Understanding the Magic of Bokeh in Photography

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