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Presets for Beach Photography – Review of Sleeklens Presets for Lightroom with long exposure & sunset images of Topsail Island, NC. 


Lightroom presets are ever gaining in popularity due to the simple, consistent variety it allows a photographer to apply to each photo.  With the rise of this popular Adobe program, other experts have stepped into the mix, adding a plethora of new and exciting presets.  One such expert, is Sleeklens.


Sleeklens provided me with a the package they call Through the Woods Workflow.   I was thrilled to jump in and see how well it enhanced the photo (common for all presets) while actually maintaining a natural look (uncommon for landscape, nature, and environmental photography).  

sunset south topsail beach edited sleeklens lightroom presets

Image 2548: (South Topsail Beach)
Edited with SleekLens Through The Woods Presets (Version 2)


I was looking for some specific traits:


  1. Is it intuitive?
  2. Do the landscape presents stay true to nature?  
  3. Do the presets require excessive tweaking?
  4. Do they add a wow factor?

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The Shades of Sunrise on Easter Sunday this year were absolutely magical. View the collection of landscape images (including camera settings) below.

Most of you know how genuinely appreciative I am of the opportunity to witness such beautiful coastal scenery, (especially sunrises and sunsets) here in Eastern North Carolina. It seemed so perfect to be able to capture what I like to call the “Shades of Sunrise” on Easter Morning – which I must say was truly one of the most beautiful sunrises that I’ve seen in a long, long time.

My church (Sneads Ferry Presbyterian Church) and several other churches in our Sneads Ferry/North Topsail community host a Sunrise Easter Service every year on North Topsail Beach (Topsail Island). I always feel so blessed to be able to utilize this amazing talent God has given me to photograph the beauty He created.


pre sunrise topsail beach

Capture: 6:56am | ISO 2500 | focal-58mm | f/4 | 1/2000sec.

pre sunrise topsail beach

Capture: 6:57am | ISO 2500 | focal-105mm | f/4 | 1/1250sec.

sun beginning to rise

Capture: 7:03am | ISO 2500 | focal-105mm | f/22 | 1/160sec.

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North Topsail Beach is a hidden gem along the central North Carolina coastline.  Dunes, sea grass, and wildlife are often seen while walking along the waterfront.  The most remarkable thing about this hidden gem is the gorgeous and vibrant colors that are reflected off the water as the sun sets over the state of North Carolina.  The soft pinks and purples begin to cover the Carolina blue sky as night sets in.

As the tide rolls out, the shoreline offers an amazing reflection as the sky turns from day to dusk during sunset.

Looking south and westward, you can see how the purple and pink deepens as nighttime sets in, contrasted by the brilliant orange in the west as the sun continues to set across the state.

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