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What’s in my photography bag? What camera equipment makes the cut & what gets left at home? 

(I’ll keep the cherry chapstick, old gum, random change, and that crushed protein bar that’s still in the wrapper, out of the post.)

The questions that people ask me most are:

  1. What’s in your bag?
  2. What lens do you use most often?

I finally took the time to sort through my bag so I can answer those questions for you.

What’s In My Photography Bag | My Bag(s):

I don’t actually use just one bag…I’m currently using three!! It all depends on where I’m going or what I’m photographing.

The bag I use most often for local real estate shoots is the Gracie by Jo Totes. It’s $119 on Amazon and perfect for my camera body, lens, and flash.

I can put my keys, phone and a few other items (batteries, memory cards, business cards, etc) as well. The exterior is so soft and it’s the perfect size for a real estate shoot. I do not normally use this bag for the beach, but I have once or twice.


For traveling and/or the beach, a backpack is a must. I am currently using the Manfrotto Pro-Light 3N1-26 Backpack ($170 on Amazon) and it fits so much stuff!!! I weighed it before I left for Ireland and I had 28 pounds worth of stuff in there. It made all the difference when you’re walking 6 miles in a day! Very comfortable and easy access to your stuff from all angles.

This bag is awesome on the beach too. I have yet to have any sand problems. It comes with a waterproof covering which could come in handy.


The newest bag I’ve added to my collection is The Libby 2.0 by Kelly Moore. I actually tried to buy this bag several times, but it kept selling out! I finally received it in August, at least 6 months after I tried to buy it the first time. It apparently was a very popular bag – although I haven’t found anyone else that has it!? Weird…

So far, it is holding up well, and I can get a lot more in it than the Gracie bag… it traveled nicely and has been to the beach. I was very comfortable hauling it, my iPad, camera body, flash, three lenses and all my other personal items across a few airports.

Something I consider often while carrying expensive equipment is that I don’t want a camera bag that looks like I’m carrying expensive equipment. The price is $249 on Amazon.


What’s In My Photography Bag | Camera:

I think the answer to this will surprise most people, but the camera body I use primarily is the Canon 6D. I’m using the first version… but you can find the upgrade Canon 6D Mark II info here:

When it comes to a camera body, it takes me awhile to upgrade. I’d prefer to put money into my lenses, and when I get to know the camera body inside and out, it takes awhile to get used to a new one. The images aren’t as great right away.

Most professional photographers that are Canon users shoot with the 5D Mark (whatever number we’re on now) … but I have yet to even look at those!! I’m pretty set in my ways. 🙂

What’s In My Photography Bag | Lenses:

Here’s the fun part for me. Which lens?

I actually posted on Instagram with some of my lenses while packing for my trip to Ireland in August. That was definitely the highlight of my packing!!

Choosing lenses to travel with is not easy!! #canon

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The lens I use the most is the Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 III USM Lens. The amount of love I have for this lens would have to be a separate, sappy love post. It’s by far the most versatile lens I have and it’s what I use for most real estate shoots (but not all). This lens is the heaviest that I own, and at 16mm it usually needs lens correction during editing. Definitely my preferred lens in my photography bag though.

After that, it really depends on what I’m shooting or where I’m going. The following is just a random list of the other lenses I bring, according to what I’m shooting or where.

The Nifty Fifty Lens. This thing is just a must have for every photographer. This is my creative lens when I’m trying to do something different or out of my normal every day shooting. (Canon EF 50mm f/1.8) I’ve taken some really cool shots with this lens and it does NOT disappoint. It is also small and always fits.

Along with that prime lens, I use the Canon EF 85mm f/1.8  if I’m doing portraits (which is not often at all). But it’s a great lens for portraits and I’m happy to have it for those times I need it. Be careful you’re not using manual focus. It can be tricky but the resulting images from manual focus can be brilliant.



Another great lens for real estate, and great back up lens, is the Canon EF 17-40mm f/4 lens. I do usually have this in my photography bag as a backup, and also there are some spots you just need that extra 5mm. This is much lighter than the 16-35mm which is phenomenal.


Last but not least (and I may be forgetting some), is the telephoto that I take everywhere. I frequently end up needing it. Telephoto is not my favorite way to take photos, and this just isn’t my favorite lens, but this one does the job.

I’m open to suggestions on upgrading it though! Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 IS USM lens.

I tend to leave this on my crop sensor and have my dad use it because he enjoys seeing in the distance and taking photos of wildlife. When I finally get time to go through the photos of Ireland this winter, I’m excited to see what he was able to capture with it!

What’s In My Photography Bag | Flash:

I’m very basic when it comes to flash, but I use it all the time for real estate. The Yongnuo YN600EX-RT II is what I currently have in my photography bag. Do you have any cool tricks to share about this one? TELL ME! I like it, but I’m open to suggestions too.


What’s In My Photography Bag | Tripod:

The tripod. Yes. The best invention that I wish I used much more regularly. I just don’t.

I love long exposure and for some reason it is something I save for the colder months (of course, when I’m freezing outside taking long shots). But hey, that’s when I actually have more time to be creative. The sunsets and sunrises are also more colorful in the winter.

Manfrotto BeFree Compact Aluminum Travel Tripod is very lightweight and fits perfectly on my Manfrotto 3N1 backpack. It works great on sinking sand. I do rinse it out so it won’t get rusty but I’ve had it a few years and it’s in great condition considering the salt water and sand elements I put it in. I do not use a ball head (although it’s on the list of things to try out) and if you are looking for a tripod or ball head I recommend reading up on the reviews by Mark C. Morris Photography here.

What’s In My Photography Bag | Remote:

I use the Vello Wireless ShutterBoss II Remote Switch.

What’s In My Photography Bag | The Oddest Thing:

While writing this post, I chatted with my wonderful photographer support group about what was in their bags (and really, what a fun conversation that turned into!) but the best question posed was “What’s the oddest thing someone would find in your camera bag?”

The answer to this is definitely the Scentsy Bonfire Beach Car Bar. I use them in the car and once the bar doesn’t smell as strong in the car, I move them to the camera bags and tie it to the inside zipper. I wonder what people think when they see it!

scentsy bonfire beach car bar rachel carter camera bag


camera lenses in rachel carter photography bag

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