Chandeliers are the jewelry of your house.

They can complete your interior or ruin it. The lighting also sets the tone of your design.

The current trendy tone is shabby chic and rustic farmish. The chandeliers that have come with that style have been fun and definitely upped the lighting game. But some trends are their way out and I have to say… hip, hip, hooray!

Trendy pieces I’m happy to say sayonara to:



Sputnik Chandelier

Sputnik was super cool when it orbited the earth in 98 minutes. And that’s about how long this trend will last as well.

I admit there is something super fun about a sputnik chandelier. It’s a timeless piece for a child’s room. But this trend is definitely a passing trend. Not timeless. This guy is going to fade soon, and is even already on its way out.

Mason Jar Light Fixtures

Replacing your everyday glassware with mason jars? YES.

Putting flowers in mason jars? YES.

Putting twinkle lights & candles in mason jars? YES.

Pouring an entire bottle of wine into a large mason jar? I mean….

Mason jars are awesome. Put all the things inside mason jars. But YES people, it is possible for mason jars to get cheesy. Flip them upside down and stick a light bulb in them and BOOM – it’s ridiculous.

If you jumped on this train, I’m sorry for the snark. This trend is fun! I bet this looks really neat in a super farm/country style home. But it is super trendy and I highly doubt we’ll see many more of these in production. This style is O-U-T. Just like your mom’s kitchen full of chickens and cows in the 90s.

Edison Bulbs

They were a fun change for sure. But I guarantee these lights were just a trend and are on their way out, to be replaced with retro bulbs and new, clean shapes.


And now for the: Timeless Classics

Boob Lights.

It hurts my heart to say that these ugly lights are timeless. I wish so badly they were a passing trend. Named for the obvious shape, they are just not cute. But they are cheap, so contractors will continue to shove them into every room until kingdom come, like it or not.


Classic Crystal Chandeliers

Hello you classic beauty! Thank goodness these glistening traditional light fixtures are coming back! They never really left, as they are completely TIMELESS. I think we’ll be seeing more of the classic chandelier in 2018 and beyond.

Changing up light fixtures to fit the trends is fun! But it’s also exhausting and expensive. For those of you with the skill and budget to toss up new lights according whatever the five minute fad is – well, I just hate you. Purely out of jealousy of course.

But for those of us with budget and lack of electrician skills, changing up lighting is a huge chore. So, the classic crystal chandeliers will be a welcome, upgraded, trend.